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Our Time Together Will Reveal How You Can:

​Most Importantly you will learn how exactly industry leaders like Gary Vaynerchuck, Kylie Jenner, and Grant Cardone use PR as their best kept secret; and how you can ‘skip the line’ so you can immediately begin capitalizing on the advantage press coverage has the power to provide.

If you’ve ever felt like your marketing efforts are leaking profits, then PR may be your best, and quickest bet at plugging that leak for good; preventing your ads and content marketing from wasting any more time and money.

Discover the exact steps that have helped startups and personal brands build a legacy that lasts by securing features inside major media outlets like Forbes, Fox News, Bloomberg, Business Insider, MarketWatch, Benzinga, Digital Journal etc. (to name a few) without the wait… so they can start dominating their niche before their competition knows what hit them.


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Our "Get Featured"Guarantee

We’ll show you how simple it can be to confidently secure publications in the world’s leading media outlets; so you can steamroll the competition, dominate the market and never risk paying for results that don’t get delivered on…


Some Clients Where FoundersToday Provided Undeniable Social Proof And Brand Awareness:

Alex Spasic


Alex is a Serbian Influencer who released his own Ebook to help clients around the world to grow their Instagram. 
His brand is gaining popularity each day, and the number of satisfied clients is growing rapidly. With all the competition in the space, Alex has against all odds built his business and has become one of the most trusted and efficient social media gurus.



EDD Research GmbH


When it comes to traits relevant to success, the maximum is not always positive: certain traits can be both a strength and a weakness. If they are present in too high a degree, they can have a destructive effect and even become a danger for the team and the entire company. It is therefore a matter of finding the optimum level that ultimately leads to success. FoundersToday helped Edd create visibility internationally and generate brand awareness.


PAYUCA Founders


Vienna PropTech with smart Parking App

Vienna-based PropTech PAYUCA has made it its mission to make parking and charging cars in residential rental buildings as easy as possible. Now the company successfully closed its Series A financing round. FoundersToday helped PAYUCA with the international placement of this press release.


Sophia Tran

Sophia Tran

Founder Spotlight Ventures

Sophia is an entrepreneur and founder of Spotlight Ventures with which she invests in tech startups. We were allowed to position Sophia and her story on FoundersToday.


Click above to finally get the attention and recognition you need to dominate your industry.

How Can Fully Guaranteed Publications & Media Placements Help Your Brand?

Imagine using evergreen publications and media coverage to educate, inform, and drive your business forward

With each Google Search doing the selling for you…

And Removing yourself as your own biggest bottle neck so you can position your brand one step ahead of your industry…

Finally feeling that confidence in what you’ve built.

Knowing that you have your very own PR Pillars working around the clock to build credibility boosting assets that set all of your future marketing efforts up for success…

Preventing your competition from being able to disrupt your place as the #1 choice in your industry.

How do the ‘7 PR Pillars’ work?

See, if you’re also a startup founder, coach or influencer like the ones whose reviews you’ve just read and watched…

We understand you don’t have the time to waste ‘trying’ to get featured on publications that may or may not end up panning out in the end.

Which is why at FoundersToday we are determined to help you achieve industry leading credibility with risk free guarantees in place to protect your wallet in case media placements don’t pan out.

See, we created these 7 pillars to help customize the approach to each individual’s needs when it comes to PR…

Meaning these pillars offer a bite size approach that you can choose to build on at your own pace; building the attention that you need… when you need it.

Because, In This Day and Age ATTENTION Is Your Biggest Currency

The ‘New Economy’ doesn’t discriminate based on how big your brand may be; instead the ‘New Economy’ dictates who wins and who loses based on the attention that can be created around that brand’s story, expertise, and offerings.

In this ‘New Economy’, nothing else matters. No other source of growth creates the same level of desire, credibility, and profits as attention. 

Which is why the biggest industry leaders live and die by PR and the fuel it offers the profits they are able to generate and re-invest into their market takeover.

The name of this new game is to ensure your voice is heard above the noise, so you can stop playing tug of war with your marketing efforts and secure the one opportunity that won’t leave you back at square 1 looking for a new way to generate attention, trust, and sales.


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Behind FoundersToday

FoundersToday is a News Platform & PR Boutique that helps companies and individuals build visibility, brand awareness and credibility through media placements. As a disrupting PR Boutique in the industry, our team has managed PR campaigns and media coverage for very well known companies.

We specialize in getting Startups, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Influencers featured on major publications like Forbes, Vogue, Bloomberg, Business Insider, MarketWatch and FOX NEWS among others. Our services include Media Placements, Founder Stories, On-Site Banner Ads, and much more. With our team’s expertise and proven track record of success, we make sure that our clients get the maximum exposure for their message.


To Help Your PR Efforts

Reach Their Potential

We do this by customizing strategies that are tailored specifically to your target audience. Whatever your public relations needs may be – FoundersToday is here to provide you with excellent PR services so you can prioritize what matters most; telling your story and make money!

All while reinforcing your brand credibility and reputation across some of the worlds largest and most respected channels.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with 100’s of major publications, from top-tiers like Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg, FOX News, MarketWatch, Benzinga, Digital Journal, to many mid-tier publications as well.

We typically work with startup founders and executives. However, our services are for anyone who is looking to grow their brand and be consistent in media because staying current in media is how you stay current in the world.

You get to become a credible, trusted source in your industry, which then opens doors and leads to opportunities that set you up for success. We position you in such a way where you can demand more money because you’ll have credibility and a great reputation behind your name. And in this day and age, reputation is everything.
We give everyone a media dominance plan that is customized for THEM only and tailored to THEIR unique needs. We are able to control the narrative of your story, guarantee placements at half the cost, and move fast with very quick turnaround times and delivery rates. Plus, we live it every single day! This is exactly what we did for ourselves, now let us replicate it for you.


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WKO - Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
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Will You Be One Of The Few That Let's PR Generate The Attention For You?

Click Below to finally get the attention and recognition you need to dominate your industry.

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